Accademia Carrara | Audience engagement

Movements in Art. How can we have different ways of engagement in understanding art? Is the movement a way to establish an interaction with the public for an art Museums? Can dance offer a different approach to art?

Thanks to the interactions among the public and the work of arts of the museum Carrara di Bergamo, we made it easier to understand the art language through the body’s movement of the viewer. The inspiration was taken from 4 masterpieces of the museum.

A call to experiment a studio-itinerary of the expressiveness of our own body, which brings together participants of all ages!

International Dance Day (29 April 2017)

Workshop concept curated by

Sarah Dominique Orlandi

Member of International Dance Council CID

sarah dominique orlandi, membro cid INTERNATIONAL DANCE COUNCIL UNESCO

Artistic narration by Educational Services.

Educational Services by Academy Carrara of Bergamo