MAXXI Roma | Communication

Architecture Communication and educational project for the MAXXI, National Museum of the Arts of the 21st Century, Roma.

Creation of three educational digital workshop closely related to the museum mission (1.Hadid effect, 2.MAXXI mission, 3.The shipyard) and a website with the storytelling about the process of design of the Studio Hadid, interviews, didactic modules, and steps in the construction of the museum building, also thanks to the photos taken by the classes. Targeted in lower and upper secondary schools.

The Hadid studio was involved to unveil the visionary museum project.

We deal with:
Educational concept and communication goals strategy;
Training of the educational team;
Website Content Strategy ( educational architecture area and Maxxi area);
Final Report – MAXXI IN AZIONE project – at “EDU_MAXXI. Educare alla contemporaneità” Conference. february 27, 2007.

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