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Thirteen professionals planning a Museum

This project (promoted and carried out by the international mobility) aims to professionally strengthen the designer’s competence. The needs of a Museum or a cultural association are constantly changing. A cultural author has to understand the context, do researches and explore, in order to understand what is happening in his own country and abroad, he must also write a project dossier that responds to concrete needs, while representing his vision for the future of culture.

On behalf of Museo della Seta Abegg we participated in this “bando” of international mobility and sent fourteen professionals of various disciplines around Europe (Sweden, Germany, France, Spain). They had the chance to visit museums, meet professionals and follow classes and seminars. A special class has been arranged at the museum Thyssen in Madrid.

These professionals have then followed Sarah Dominique Orlandi‘s (Project Tutor) advices in the preparation of projects for the Museum. This has allowed the Liberi Sogni Cooperative to create a Strategic cultural action plan for the Museum on a long-term basis. The launch of the project Voci dalla Filanda is a direct result of this project.

Projects presentation


Professionals involved in the training:

Marta Bertani

Isabella Bertario

Marco Boldrini

Adriana Carbonaro

Eleonora De Vecchi

Michele Indovina

Rosa Lanzaro

Luisa Lovisolo

Marta Lucchini

Paolo Pioltelli

Maria Elisabetta Realini

Maria Candelaria Romero

Daniele Vanoli

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