Leonardo’s Minds

Interactive software

Leonardo interactive is a software focused on cognitive technology made for an interactive digital workshop based on Leonardo da Vinci complex intelligence system and on his main innovative items.

Content flowchart

The workshop goes on thruoght different steps:

General map: a tridimensional map of Leonardo da Vinci’s mind complexity through his main items

Three deeping workshop among which  teachers can choose

  • CHIAROSCURO (dark and light in fine arts)
  • MOTI DELL’ANIMO (representations of emotions in the Renaissance),
  • STUDIO DEL VOLO (the Leonardo’s flying dream and his direct observation method)

>Evaluation: Student get three steps of evalutation: they create a conceptual map (Cmap); a pdf visual resume is automatically create; and they draw on paper the desires and curiosities stimulated by  Leonardo’ approach.
The interface design is based on research of simplicity and clarity, trying to enhance the educational project work: the interface should show with an intuitive approach, involving the student in cognitive processes while maintaining absolute formal clarity

intelligence mapLeonardo’ intelligences map

An interactive dinamic visual map (tag cloud) presents the Leonardo’s multiple skills and the students choose which to click.  Each theme is presented with multiple images and texts which allow the guide to introduce the topic. Students open from 5 to 7 sections. The guide emphasizes the relations among the subjects studied by Leonardo.

“Studi sul volo” workshop: direct observation method

The first workshop is about the direct observation method. Leonardo watched reality with great acuteness and deduced laws of nature that he applied in creating useful or visionary machines. A stop-motion Video of flying birds, the digital draw and an experiment of visionary design help stundents understanding the process of his thought. Undestanding how, starting from analiasizing reality, he goes on un a design process.

“Chiaroscuro” workshop- First part: hatching, shading and chromatic perspective

Leonardo has renewed the chiaroscuro artistic techniques. The elements of innovation and the patterns of hatching, shading and chromatic perspective are studied with animations, simulations and digital drawing. Students will study throught drawing the different qualities of hatching and shading using a double images.

“Chiaroscuro” workshop- Second part: how light is used by Leornado in the representation of human emotions

With a special tool, students can modify an image, going from overexposed to underexposed quality. Underlight excite dramatic feeling , overlight make the expression milder. They quickly understand how facial expression change because of the light quality, and how light is used by Leornado in the representation of human emotions.

“Moti dell’animo” workshop : Facial expression, Human feelings

Students actively experience the significant Leonardo’s contribution to represent all kind of human feeling.

The tools allows to:

  • design and overwrite Leonardo’s works (over Draw)
  • observe different facial expressions in people shooting, drawing directly over the video frame (stop motion)
  • play and draw over chinese shadows to observe how the body expresses emotions (theater activity)

Tech details

This software was created using Adobe Flash and ActionScript 3, integrating the functionality of the software by Luidia eBeam LIMa.  The interactive software was specially designed for an interactive whiteboard use.

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