Partcipatory museum | Teaching

Training course organised by Cooperativa Liberi Sogni in 2018

“The success of a museum isn’t determined by the number of visitors it receives, but by the number of visitors whom the museum has taught something. Similarly, success it’s not determined by the number of objects the museum shows, but by the number of objects that visitors could perceived in their human environment”. Georges Henri Rivière, “La Muséologie selon Georges Henri Rivière” (1978)

Starting from a shared vocabulary we have faced the theme of the evolution of museums, which progressed from places of history to areas of interaction and engagement of citizens.  We have accomplished this by knowing virtuous experiences and by reflecting together on which processes had to be implemented or strengthened to develop the Community Museums.

Training itinerary for insiders with lessons, visits to the Museum of Trento and various other Museums , laboratories, educational materials.

Teachers: Sarah Dominique Orlandi (, Stefano Laffi (Codici), Massimo Pirovano (Director Etnographic Museum of Alta Brianza).