The digital cultural valorisation of a not available artistic heritage: the ex voto of the  Santuario di Ossuccio

The website is part of a wider project of cultural valorisation of the exvoto of the Ossuccio carried out by CREA (Research Centre for Education through Art and mediation of the cultural heritage throughout the territory and in museums) of Milan’s Catholic University (UCSC). CREA has been entrusted with the scientific responsibility of the whole project.

www.exvotosantuariodiossuccio.it    IT EN

A website that tells a relatively unknown artistic heritage, the ex voto, realized for the CREA of the Catholic University of Milan:

  • an ex voto gallery of the Sanctuary of Ossuccio in which every ex voto is described through Grazia Massone’s texts,
  • 4 thematic itinerary help gain a better understanding of the ex-vote
  • the Conference held at the Catholic University of Milan
  • the exhibition Stories of water, sky and earth
  • all stages of the Restoration by  Martino Mascherpa


  • DataOnline since 2015
  • ClienteUniversità Cattolica di Milano