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“Come mi è difficile vedere quello che ho sotto gli occhi”

L. Wittgenstein

An educational multimedia software created for the exhibition “Dentro l’ultima cena – il tredicesimo testimone” to draw, modify and interact with “L’ultima Cena” by Leonardo da Vinci.
This digital laboratory provides perceptive, historical and formal instruments to understand the beauty, the innovation and importance of this well-known work of art. To deeply understand the exceptionality of “L’ultima Cena” there are many perceptual skills that need to be considered.

Educational methodology
Perceptual analysis of the work
The work is observed in its primary elements: shapes, lights,  è osservata nei suoi elementi primari: forme, luci, definition of the chromatic ranges, perspective elements.

The cultural context
A work is the result of a specific historical, political and artistic context. Through contemporary texts and analysis, the students are provided with original material to work with.
A deductive procedure
The students create and decide how to modify the work. The guide adds historical and artistic informations to help gaining a better understanding of the analyzed elements.

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